The EdLaw Project is an initiative of the Children’s Law Center of Massachusetts and the Youth Advocacy Division. EdLaw was created to ensure equal opportunity in life achievement for Boston youth by enforcing every child's right to a quality education. Through legal representation, technical assistance, and training to families, youth-serving professionals and attorneys, the EdLaw Project advocates for indigent and low-income children in danger of not receiving appropriate education services.

The project offers direct advocacy to children facing suspension and expulsion, ineffective reintegration into the school system following detention or incarceration, inadequate education while in state custody and children with undetected special needs. The EdLaw Project also offers training to families and youth-serving professionals in education and legal rights. We promote growth and stability in the lives of children and make an impact on education policy through:

1. Child-empowered legal representation in matters of school discipline, academic failure, undetected special needs, inadequate education while in state custody, and ineffective reintegration following detention and incarceration;

2. Increasing recognition of indicators of unmet educational needs, the link between academic failure and delinquency, student rights, and available legal and non-legal resources to empower families, youth-serving professionals and educators in their advocacy on behalf of children;

3. Supporting the community-set agenda of improving education by assisting community members, local groups, and statewide organizations in developing effective family-centered and data-driven education policies.

Since 2000, EdLaw has helped over 1,000 students in the greater Boston area, but there are still thousands who need help.

For more information about the EdLaw Project, please contact:

Marlies Spanjaard
Director of Education Advocacy

Bryna Williams
Staff Attorney